Dokku commands: Heroku like deployment with support for docker

Initial setup Use digital ocean image with Dokku pre-installed, set up ssh key through web. apt update && apt full-upgrade to update packages. dokku apps:create and add git remote add dokku I used /etc/hosts to access the image from a hostname instead of IP. More detailed setup in the various deploy with dokkuContinue reading “Dokku commands: Heroku like deployment with support for docker”

Ubuntu apt update vs upgrade vs dist-upgrade vs do-release-upgrade

apt update – gets an up to date list of packages that can be installed or updated apt upgrade – updates packages it can, but never removes packages apt full-upgrade – updates packages more aggressively, removing packages that block other updates apt-get dist-upgrade an old name for full-upgrade do-release-upgrade upgrades to the latest operating systemContinue reading “Ubuntu apt update vs upgrade vs dist-upgrade vs do-release-upgrade”

Links: Deploy a Rails app with Docker and Dokku

Below are links I had open while learning how to use docker-compose with Rails, and using Dokku for deployments. Dockerize Rails Set up CI/CD Deploy

How to create App badges

Google Find the app on the Play Store in a web browserE.g. The URL for the WordPress App is Enter the URL into Google’s Badge Maker Apple Find the app either by searching Apple’s website or through a search engine. E.g. The URL for the WordPress App can be found at Use Apple’sContinue reading “How to create App badges”

Send email for a domain name for free

Many domain names come with free email forwarding, but sending so it appears to come from that domain name often requires a paid SMTP service that might cost £10/year. While searching I found Pobox that lets you set up multiple domains for a flat fee, which had the bonus of working via email forwarding thatContinue reading “Send email for a domain name for free”

How to set Systemd DNS servers for Ubuntu

With many linux systems moving from /etc/resolv.conf to systemd I was unsure how to set my DNS servers. Summary Add the following to /etc/systemd/resolved.conf: DNS= Then restart with: Check status You can use systemd-resolve –status or sudo resolvectl status to see the current status and should see “DNS Servers” listed. Using systemd-resolve –status | grepContinue reading “How to set Systemd DNS servers for Ubuntu”

WordPress charge £240 to change a colour

Usually I set up sites on VPS services like DigitalOcean, but wanted to get better at producing quick minimum viable proof of concepts. This will mean I focus on creating value, in this case content, instead of having to spend time on one hundred and one other things. In this instance I’ve chosen WordPress’s $48/yearContinue reading “WordPress charge £240 to change a colour”