Send email for a domain name for free

Many domain names come with free email forwarding, but sending so it appears to come from that domain name often requires a paid SMTP service that might cost £10/year. While searching I found Pobox that lets you set up multiple domains for a flat fee, which had the bonus of working via email forwarding thatContinue reading “Send email for a domain name for free”

How to set Systemd DNS servers for Ubuntu

With many linux systems moving from /etc/resolv.conf to systemd I was unsure how to set my DNS servers. Summary Add the following to /etc/systemd/resolved.conf: DNS= Then restart with: Check status You can use systemd-resolve –status or sudo resolvectl status to see the current status and should see “DNS Servers” listed. Using systemd-resolve –status | grepContinue reading “How to set Systemd DNS servers for Ubuntu”

Learnt vs Learned

Today I, James, learnt that the US spelling of learnt is learned. So I’ve also gone ahead and registered for a year just in case. I’ll see how it goes and decide if I just keep the main one or if the alternative spelling is really needed. While registering the domain I also foundContinue reading “Learnt vs Learned”