Learnt vs Learned

Today I, James, learnt that the US spelling of learnt is learned. So I’ve also gone ahead and registered https://jameslearned.com for a year just in case. I’ll see how it goes and decide if I just keep the main one or if the alternative spelling is really needed.

While registering the domain I also found out that 123-reg have hiked their prices over the years so sought out a new registrar for future domains. I’ve gone with NameCheap for most domains for the good long term pricing and feature set. I’ll use CloudFlare for renewals when I don’t need the email forwarding or URL forwarding a more complete registrar provides.

Unfortunately CloudFlare don’t offer email forwarding yet, so I’ll take a look at Forward Email or possibly Mailgun via this list of 2020’s best email forwarding services. CloudFlare also don’t support .co.uk domains yet unfortunately.

Anyway https://jameslearnt.com is now live, and my aim is to write down things when I learn them. My hope is that this helps other people who hit the same problems, as well as providing a reference for me to look back on.

I’ve done something similar before, as well as documenting things I learn in the commit messages of my dotfiles, but want to use this site to get back into the habit of doing so regularly.

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