WordPress charge £240 to change a colour

Usually I set up sites on VPS services like DigitalOcean, but wanted to get better at producing quick minimum viable proof of concepts. This will mean I focus on creating value, in this case content, instead of having to spend time on one hundred and one other things.

In this instance I’ve chosen WordPress’s $48/year plan, as I’m used to the platform and willing to forego some of the niceties I’m used to like full control of the machine with SSH access, FTP to upload custom files, plugins and additional custom software.

I didn’t expect however that I’d be prevented from making minor adjustments to my site like changing the header colour, centring the site title, changing link colours or fixing spacing.

WordPress also prevent you from removing their “powered by WordPress” advert at the bottom of your site. Although I mind that less because it’s a generally good platform and I’d like to encourage other people to share things they learn, with WordPress remaining a great platform to start doing so.

Just don’t expect much control over how individual things look, or be ready to pay for their $300/year business plan to do so.

2 thoughts on “WordPress charge £240 to change a colour

  1. One workaround for small sites might be to create a reusable bock and manually including it in every page. Each page lets you include HTML directly, and a reusable block is an easy way to repeat that and keep it updated. It would be easy to forget to add for each new post however, so isn’t something I’d consider here.


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