Dokku commands: Heroku like deployment with support for docker

Initial setup

  • Use digital ocean image with Dokku pre-installed, set up ssh key through web.
  • apt update && apt full-upgrade to update packages.
  • dokku apps:create and add git remote add dokku
  • I used /etc/hosts to access the image from a hostname instead of IP.
  • More detailed setup in the various deploy with dokku guides I was following.


  • dokku plugin:install
  • dokku postgres:create somedatabasename
  • dokku postgres:link somedatabasename
  • Use DATABASE_URL from app


  • dokku git:set --global deploy-branch production
  • dokku git:set deploy-branch staging
  • dokku config:set MY_ENV_VAR=value
  • dokku config:unset MY_ENV_VAR


  • dokku domains:report lists domains used per app
  • dokku apps:list for a simple list
  • dokku report to get some detailed output
  • docker ps --all to see containers that have been running
  • dokku run 'whoami' runs shell commands in a container


Configure with the LetsEncrypt plugin:

  • dokku plugin:install
  • dokku config:set --no-restart DOKKU_LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL=your@e.mail
  • dokku letsencrypt
  • dokku letsencrypt:cron-job --add to set up auto-renewal

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